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About DriveCo Motors Financing


All too often many finance companies are calling people on the phone and asking them for their personal information. "What is your SIN#?" "Where do you work?" "What is your income?" ... Have you ever thought to ask the individual on the other end of the phone a bit more about them?

DriveCo Finance (DriveCo Auto Finance Consulting & Credit Solutions) works onsite at DriveCo Motors. Every consultant is licensed by VSA (Vehicle Sales Authority of BC). Lead by Jay Purdy, General Manager, DriveCo Motors, having 35 years of industry experience has established long-term credible and trusted relationships with multiple reputable banks and lenders. Grayson Jarvis is a well-known and respected finance manager in the industry and is an amazing advocate for you to get approved fast even if your credit is not that great

With DriveCo Finance YOU ARE IN "THE KNOW"! You will know who you are speaking to as we put our faces to our name (see "Meet The Team" section), you will know exactly where the vehicle is you are looking to finance, and how it is getting to you. 

"Authenticity should always be your number one priority in business because peole like REAL PEOPLE. When our customers phone, FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.. or visit us in person onsite on the lot and showroom... they truly can SEE and HEAR themselves in our story. We offer our customers 100% authenticity and transparency and that is what makes DriveCo Motors great! We are a family operated dealership and WE BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. If you are buying from us, or selling to us here at DriveCo Motors, you will always be in "The Know" with the confidence in us to trust the process!"

 - Brandi Purdy, Business Development Manager, DriveCo Motors... and proud wife and business partner to Jay Purdy, GM.